Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Choosing The Best Content To Share With Fans

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Whether you're creating or choosing content to share with your fans, it pays to know just what your fans like and how they consume it. BuzzStream and Frac.tl recently surveyed people from 3 generations to determine their content preferences. This is what they found.

First the similarities.
  • All three generations had the same favorite and least favorite types of content.
Most favorite:
   1. Blog articles
   2. Images
   4. ebooks

Least Favorite:
   1. White papers
   2. Webinars
   3. Slidshares
  • Content length was also unanimous. Articles of 300 words in length were the most preferred, although Gen Xr's also like longer articles of 500 or more words.
  • Genres of content were also unanimous with entertainment being the most popular, although technology was a close second for Millennials and world news for Baby Boomers.
  • When it came to preferred social platforms for sharing, Facebook was far ahead of all others for the 3 generations as well, with YouTube a distant second
  • For visual types of content, there was a bit of a difference between age groups with Boomers and Millennials both preferring videos slightly over pictures.
  • The big divergence came from the amount of time spent online. While everyone thinks that the younger you are, the more time you spend online, the study found the opposite, with 25% of Boomers spending at least 20+ hours per week online compared to 22% for the other generations.
  • That said, one huge divergent is when each generation consumes their content, with both Millennials and Gen Xrs peaking in the late evening between 8PM and midnight and Boomers in the late morning between 9AM and noon.
Once again this all comes down to knowing your audience and fan base so you can tailor the right content to them at the right time in order to increase your engagement.


Johan said...

Hey Bobby, being an artist/songwriter, do you suggest that it's perhaps better to keep blog posts shorter, between 300 - 500 words in length? I have a tendency to write articles that easily hit the 1000 word mark.


Bobby Owsinski said...

Yes, Johan. Studies have found most prefer in around the 300 word mark.


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