Monday, November 18, 2013

BitTorrent Traffic Lowest In 10 Years

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You haven't heard much from either the film or music industry about piracy lately, and that's because piracy is far less of a problem that it's been in some time. For music, that's because of the rise of streaming services, while for video, it's mostly due to NetFlix and YouTube.

While the decline of piracy was somewhat empirical until now, a new report from Sandvine shows that BitTorrent traffic has fallen to 7% of all Internet traffic, down 20% in the past 6 months alone. To put it into perspective, 10 years ago BitTorrent traffic accounted for 60% of total network traffic.

Meanwhile, video traffic is high, with NetFlix and YouTube accounting for 50% of today's Internet traffic.

Consumers embrace technology that make things more convenient for them. In music, subscribing to a streaming service or watching YouTube is far easier than pirating. With video, see your favorite movie or program on NetFlix or YouTube is easier than stealing it. In both cases, having access has a lot more benefits than owning.

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