Thursday, October 3, 2013

7 Music Discovery Tools

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We all have access to millions of songs at our fingertips, yet research has shown that many of us keep on listening to the same small portion. Many just don't have the time to search new tunes or artists out, and for that we need a service that caters to that need. Here are 7 such services that you can check out.

1. MixCloud - This is basically radio shows by DJs, both pro and amateur.

2. This Is My Jam - This lets you share your favorite song or songs with others.

3. Bandcamp - If you're a band or artist, you're already familiar with the multitude of services offered.

4. Last.FM - Here's another service built along radio-like lines that personalizes recommendations for you.

5. Hype Machine - This one has a different twist in that it features all the latest songs featured on blogs.

6. The Vinyl District -Curated by people who work in record stores (or what remains of them).

7. Twitter - No, not, but Twitter itself is a good place to discover what's new and trending.

Thanks to Mashable for the above outline. You can read more about what they think of each here.

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Eugenio said...

I would add to this list Mentor.FM, it provides exactly an automated curation service (just switch ON the radio and listen); currently in beta in a few countries, official launch in 200+ countries in a few weeks.

Disclaimer: I'm the founder.


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