Monday, September 30, 2013

The Top 7 Concerns When Choosing A URL

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If you're creating a new website, you know that sometimes the most difficult part is getting the URL first. Here are the 7 things to remember when making that selection.

1. Is the name easy to remember?

2. Is the name easy to read?

3 Is the name easy to spell?

4. Does the name closely resemble another artist, band or brand?

5. Is the ".com" available?

6. Does it read correctly without spaces?

7. Is it too long?

You want a URL that's both easy to read and remember while not being confused with one that's similar. It's not easy to find that anymore and can sometimes take some out of the box thinking, but it's certainly doable if you spend enough time researching what's available.

Thanks to Host Baby for the inspiration for this article.

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