Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Platinum After 46 Years

Gold Record image
There's always been a big injustice in the UK when it comes to issuing gold and platinum record awards. For instance, the 5 original Beatles engineers never received either award for the huge selling records they worked on because no record released before 1973 was eligible. After that point in time, if a record reached silver (60,000), gold (100,000) or platinum (300,000) levels, the awards were only issued if it was requested by the record label, and in many cases they never were (like in the case of Apple Records and The Beatles).

That all changed last month when the BPI (Britain's version of our RIAA) decided to automatically grant these awards regardless if the label requests it or not.

That means that all those who worked on big selling albums from 1973 onward will finally be getting their just due. It's been a long time coming, and it's too late for many who deserve it, but it's finally great that all those who were essential to the big hits from that era that we still love so much will finally be recognized.

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