Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Brilliance Of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus image
Miley Cyrus is brilliant. I know you’re probably thinking “Bobby has lost his mind” right about now but hear me out. We’ve just witnessed one of the most complete marketing makeovers in show business history when it comes to Miley. Let me explain why.

A little more than a month ago, Ms Cyrus was a former teen star struggling to be taken seriously in her new world of adulthood. The efforts to distance herself from her Disney past just made her look like another child star floundering in a grown-up world on the edge of another celebrity burn-out. A month later, near record time, the media world’s perception of her is totally different.

I say this as neither a fan of her or her music (I’m way past the demographic to care about either), but I have to say that over that short period I went from “Not her again” in my newsfeed to admiration of the campaign that she and her handlers created to kill the old Miley Cyrus and invent a new one. Let’s look at a rough chronology of events. Read more on Forbes.

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Nichole said...

From the different genres of music I regularly listen to, this is not my cup of tea either. Undeniably though Miley sure Sang Her Heart Out at Sunday night's AMA.

For a brief moment there, her vocal intensity reminded me of the late Laura Branigan. And don't you just love the Production Design Cat Sync? :) Visual Design Choices At Its Best.-Excellent. For the most part, Miley stood still while we got to absorb an Actual Vocal Performance instead of a bunch of dancing around and contrived award smiles.


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