Monday, September 7, 2015

Google Trying To Finally Kill Flash

Goodbye Flash image
It hasn't been a good idea to use Flash animation on your website for a long time, and it looks like Google is finally trying to put the final nail in the coffin.

Goggle's Chrome browser now automatically pauses any web ads that use Flash. Ads that use the newer HTML5 will continue to work as always, as that's the favored format.

It's been recommended here for quite some time that Flash wasn't something that you wanted to use. First of all, anything iOS doesn't recognize it, so all those iPhone and iPad users never were able to access it.

From a website design perspective, Flash animation died a long time ago. Opening splash pages with lots of animation used to be all the rage but now look very last century.

Worse of all, Flash is a battery hog that compromises the security of your operating system. It's just not cut out for our new mobile world.

That said, advertisers still continue to favor Flash because most of the creative people at ad agencies everywhere grew with Adobe Creative Suite, of which Flash is a part of. HTML5 is more flexible, but it's not as designer friendly.

It looks like this move by Google will now force agency designers to make the switch.

So rejoice that there's one less vestige of the online past as Flash slowly passes into the night.

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