Thursday, September 10, 2015

Artists Not Buying In To Apple Connect

Apple Music Connect image
3 Artists on Apple Music Connect
Connect is a social feature of Apple Music that gives artists another place to engage with their fans. The problem is that few are doing so.

Music Alley took a close look at Connect and came up with a number of interesting facts. For instance:
  • Artists that do post only post weekly, if that.
  • Many posts are just recycled Twitter, Instagram or Facebook posts.
  • Social maven Taylor Swift (who's seemingly everywhere) doesn't even have a Connect presence yet.
Here's a list of the top 20 Facebook music artists and their presence on Connect. The number of times they've posted is in parenthesis.
Shakira (2)
Eminem (6)
Rihanna (not on Connect)
Michael Jackson (not on Connect)
Bob Marley (1)
Justin Bieber (6)
Taylor Swift (not on Connect)
Katy Perry (not on Connect)
Beyoncé (not on Connect)
Linkin Park (10)
Lady Gaga (11)
Adele (not on Connect)
Pitbull (22)
Bruno Mars (not on Connect)
Selena Gomez (6)
David Guetta (12)
Avril Lavigne (3)
Akon (not on Connect)
Lil Wayne (not on Connect)
Enrique Iglesias (9)
Apple doesn't do social well and it looks like Connect is headed the way of Ping (if you remember that). One problem is that artists and their social media managers have their hands full with too many options already. They don't need another one.

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