Friday, September 11, 2015

Could This App Be The Instagram Of Music?

Cymbal app image
Three undergrads from Tufts University have launched a new app that's catching on like wildfire. It's called Cymbal, and many have called it the "Instagram of Music" because of its less-is-more user interface.

Cymbal describes itself as "music powered by friends, not algorithms." That's because users are allowed to share just one song at a time along with album art.

The whole idea is that the user gets to post that one song that's most important in their life at that moment.

Like Instagram, Cymbal uses a home feed, personal profile, followers, likes, comments, hashtags and tags.

You can share tracks from Soundcloud or Spotify, and since it was created from the ground up as an iOS app (an Android version is coming), it's perfectly at home where more and more do their listening - via the phone.

There's less than a million users at the moment, but the app seems to be coming on strong, so look out for more about Cymbal in the future.


Rand said...

Will the artists who created this music in the first place be rightfully compensated/paid?

From bootlegging to sharing to Napster to streaming, etc. is blatantly unethical and obviously wrong if it violates international copyright laws.

It's also hypocritical that if some fan of an artist loves their music, and has even the most basic understanding of how any business works (create a product, market it, sell it) unless they do the honorable thing and pay for it; it's still called theft however they try to rationalize it.

Why so many people choose to ignore this simple fact is beyond logic. Since when is anyone 'entitled' to steal from someone else just because other people also do it?

loungetronica said...

That would be great app for Instagram as SoundCloud become more pretty heavy lately.


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