Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Oscar Effect On Music

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Television appearances for music artists don't have an affect on music sales like they once did with one exception - the Oscar telecast.

Nielsen Research has found that the "Oscar effect" is real when it comes to music nominated or featured on the broadcast, and can still provide significant impact on sales, streaming and social media immediately following the telecast. That momentum can even sustain for as much as a full week afterwards.

Here's what the company found a full week after the most recent broadcast (in % of increased activity):

“I’m Not Gonna Miss You” - Glen Campbell
Digital Tracks + Stream Equivalents Sales - +50.36%
On-demand Streaming - +71.36%
Facebook Likes - +8.70%
Wiki page views - +420.21%

“Lost Stars” - Adam Levine
Digital Tracks + Stream Equivalents Sales - +3.08%
Streaming - +48.09%
FB Likes - +4.98%
Wiki page views - +74.97%

“Grateful” - Rita Ora
Streaming - +85.76%
Wiki page views - +92.86%

“Glory” - Common/John Legend
Digital Tracks + Stream Equivalents Sales - +141.77%
Streaming - +209.09%

“Everything Is Awesome!”- Tegan & Sara
Digital Tracks + Stream Equivalents Sales - +34.72%
Streaming - +21.79%

Lady Gaga (Overall) 
Digital Track Sales - +31.4%
Wiki page views - +167.7%
Facebook Likes - 3300%!!
Twitter Followers - 28%

What's more, there was a huge uptick in consumption of nominees for Best Original Song:

   *  I’m Not Gonna Miss You/Glen Campbell - +2177.8%
   *  Grateful/Rita Ora - +909.99%
   *  Glory/John Legend & Common - +564.14%
   *  Everything Is Awesome/Tegan & Sara - +135.15%
   *  Lost Stars/Maroon 5 - +90.22%

So it looks like the new way to increase your sales is to be tied to a hit movie. Wait, that's something that's never really changed, it's just more important now than ever.

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