Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Facebook's 5 New Community Policies That Could Affect An Artist's Post

Facebook Community Standards image
Facebook just outlined 5 new community posting policies that could have at least some affect on what artists and bands post. In a new very detailed Community Standards document, the network fully explains what it means when it says things like "no nudity" and "no hate speech."

So what are the 5 new policies? Take a look:
  • Nudity: Facebook will now remove posts that show fully exposed buttocks and photos of female breasts if the nipple is included, among other things. With music videos and promotional campaigns being ever more sexually suggestive, this could put a damper on posts that worked before.
  • Violence or Graphic Content: Images that celebrate or glorify violence will now be removed. This could affect several genres of music with images that revolve around violence.
  • Hate Speech: Posts that attack someone's race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, or disability or disease will be removed. No more using any of this for shock value on FB.
  • Bullying and harassment: What's interesting here is that FB makes a distinction between those that have gained news attention or public interest and those that haven't. If you're a public figure, it's not bullying. If you're a private individual it is.
  • Self-harm: This includes anything that depicts suicide or self-injury.
Some of this is about old-fashioned good taste, but that never stopped an artist or band from trying to use the shock value of an image for promotional value. The only problem is that on Facebook, it will no longer work.

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1 comment:

Peter McDonald said...

Although on the surface Facebook appear to be doing the right thing this could be very bad news for some artists.

Posting an album cover could quite easily fall foul of the new guidelines. I am personally into heavy metal and many albums I own have sexually explicit or violence depicted on them. To an extent this will also harm some mainstream musicians. For example the Bee Gees I believe it was once released an album with a naked child on the cover. At 1 stage CEOP had the wikipedia page that shows this image blocked from UK visitors.


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