Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pandora Tries To Add Value For Artists

Pandora app on phone image
Stung with ongoing complaints of low royalties from artists across the success spectrum, Pandora has instituted a new feature to presumably add value to their being on the service. 

The feature is called “Artist Audio Messaging” and it will allow artists to submit short recordings regarding tour schedules or new music, then have them added to playlists based on their music.

Pandora has signed 10 artists for the pilot program utilizing the feature that will soon include Lenny Kravitz and Fall Out Boy.

While artists, labels and managers may like the feature, fans don’t seem all that thrilled with the prospect, as the comments so far are more in the camp of "wanting to listen to music with the least amount of interruptions possible," even if it is from a favorite artist.

Pandora knows its fighting a battle that it will eventually lose to on-demand services like Spotify, so its strategy is to get artists on its side. By giving them some added value besides having their music on the service, it could keep the it viable long enough to be bought by a larger entity, or so the idea goes. Unfortunately, this first effort hasn't gotten off the start it anticipated.

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