Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Facebook Drives More Traffic Than Twitter

Using Facebook for promotion may not always be the bonanza that everyone thinks, as outlined by my recent post, but it certainly is better at driving traffic than Twitter. According to a chart prepared by Statista around data collected from Shareaholic, Facebook is actually 23.4% better at driving traffic than Twitter.

The fact is that Twitter has actually lost influence in the last year while Facebook has spiked. This was no small sampling as well, as the data was collected from more than 200,000 websites with more than 250 million unique visitors.

In order for Facebook to work for promotion, you have to make sure that you include links to where your viewers can get more information. If there's a failing in Facebook posting, that's it. You can't drive traffic unless there's someplace to drive them to!

You can discover more tips on both Facebook and Twitter promotion, as well as other social platforms, in my book Social Media Promotion for Musicians. Follow to link to read some excerpts and receive a free chapter.

Infographic: Facebook Drives 20x As Much Traffic As Twitter Does | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista



Alexia said...

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rohit puri said...

I completely agree with this fact that Facebook drives more traffic than Twitter but when most of the people are asked about this question that how to get more traffic from Twitter they are not able to give appropriate answer. I hope you will add some tips and tricks related to Twitter traffic. You have shared information in a good manner which is easy to read and understand.


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