Sunday, April 20, 2014

Are People Actually Using Twitter?

Twitter Stickiness image
It's one thing to be on a social network, it's another to actually use it. That seems to be the case with Twitter, which seems to get a lot of people signing up, but only a small percentage remain as active users.

This is illustrated in an infographic put together by Statista using the data published by Twitter analytics firm Twopcharts. As you can see, of the 284 million accouts created in 2013, only 37 million were actively tweeting in February 2014.

There are almost a billion current Twitter accounts, but only a small number are active. There have been almost 2.5 billion Twitter accounts total over the history of the platform.

What does this mean to you for promotion? Some people get Twitter and some don't. If it feels comfortable for you and you find a lot of your fans are using it, it's definitely worth adding to your social arsenal. If it doesn't seem to fit, there are other platforms that you'll find can be more useful to your social promotion.

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