Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Twitter Commerce With Chirpify

Chirpify logo image from Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blog
For many artists, Twitter is a great tool for promotion, but the problem until now was that you couldn't directly use it for commerce. Now a new platform called Chirpify provides that ability.

The way it works is that the artist uploads digital content to a Chirpify dashboard, then click's to tweet. The consumer connects their Twitter and PayPal accounts via Chirpify and simply replies to the tweet by the artist. Chirpify then sends a secure download link via a direct message or an email to download the digital content, merch or even a ticket.

Chirpify takes a reasonable 4% commission along with any PayPal fees, although the company has flat monthly pricing for labels or major users.

One of the big early users has been Amanda Palmer (there's that name again), who recently about $19k worth of T-shirts in 10 hours using the service. I don't know anything about her music, but she sure knows how to make money.

If you're a big Twitter user, take a look at Chirpify. It just might be another revenue source.

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The Fantastic Laura B said...

Thank you for the info Bobby and for the details of how Chirpify works. Getting info quickly and accurately when you're an artist is essential. And good luck at the AES in San Fran!

The Fantastic Laura B
London UK


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