Sunday, May 6, 2012

America's Most Engaging Social Network?

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With all the hype that Facebook is getting as it comes upon IPO time, you'd think that it was the most engaging of all the 100 or so social networks with more than 1 million subscribers. Yes, it's the biggest, but it's not the most engaging. Neither is Twitter or Google+. Pinterest is getting a lot of hype lately as well, but that's a limited demo of mostly young mothers, so that's out too.

According to the online research firm ComScore (via an article in Mashable), Tagged is the most engaging of all US social networks. Haven't hear of Tagged yet? You will soon, because it's coming on strong.

Tagged is a social discovery site where users go to make new friends. It's been around since 2004, open to anyone over 12, and is actually profitable and growing. According to ComScore, users visit the network an average of 18 times a month, which is second only to Facebook at 36 times, but they stayed for 12.1 minutes as compared to Facebook's 10.9 minutes. The combined scores make Tagged the most engaging social network being used today in the US.

And it's not small either. Tagged has 10 million core users that make over 100 million new connections a month. Far from Facebook, for sure, but the fact that they're growing, have really dedicated users, and actually make money is a pretty big thing in the social world.

One of the problems that we have in the social world today is a limited bandwidth. It's pretty difficult to keep up with more than a couple social networks regularly, and trying to use them all as a promotional tool can be a losing battle in time management. My advice is to check out Tagged. If it appears that your fans are either core users or moving there, then it's worth spending your time there. Otherwise, just keep tabs on it from time to time to see if a shift in your demographic is taking place. There are only so many hours in the day, and you need at least some left for making music.
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