Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Facebook By The Numbers

I saw this interesting set of Facebook statistics yesterday on Hypebot and thought it worth noting. It's from their May 3rd SEC S-1 filing, which is the document that companies must file explaining their business before a public offering (IPO).

A couple of figures jump out, like the 2 billion Likes per day and the fact that the network has zero penetration into China and only 60% into India and the US. Presumably that leaves some room for growth. Check out these numbers.

Total users and engagement:
  • 125 billion Friendships
  • 2 billion Likes per day
  • 1 billion Comments posted per day
  • 901 million Monthly active users
  • 526 million Daily Active users
  • 488 million Monthly active mobile users
  • 302 million Photos uploaded each day 
User penetration:

  • 85% Chile, Turkey, and Venezuela
  • 60% India, the United Kingdom and the United States
  • 30%-40% Brazil and Germany
  • 20% Japan, Russia, and South Korea
  • 0% China
Daily active users
  • 526 million Worldwide total
  • 152 million Europe
  • 129 million M US & Canada
  • 126 million Rest of the world
  • 119 million Asia
Monthly active users
  • 901 million Worldwide total
  • 242 million Rest of the world
  • 241 million Europe
  • 230 million Asia
  • 188 million US & Canada
Revenue (last quarter)
  • $1,058 million Worldwide total
  • $525 million US & Canada
  • $328 million Europe
  • $118 million Asia
  • $87 million Rest of the world
  • 82.42% Revenue from advertising
  • 17.58% Revenue from payments (and other)
From Facebook's May 3rd SEC S-1 Filing via DCurt.is

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Mat (The Laughing Bard) said...

It's almost hard to grasp that there's no facebook in China; it's so commonplace here.


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