Wednesday, May 2, 2012

3 Rules For YouTube Success

I love to hear what works for successful entrepreneurs and businesses, especially when they have the ability to analyze their performance and evaluate their methods. Many times their own personal "rules" are not transferrable to other situations, but in many cases they are, in which case we can all learn from them.

Here's an interesting video from Charlie McDonnel, who's done 156 YouTube videos so far that each have a million or so views. His charlieissocoollike YouTube channel has about 1.5 million subscribers and the total views are over 234 million. He's obviously doing something right.

Among his rules:
  • Don't ask people to comment or like a video. Just make a great video and the likes and comments will come.
  • Don't give your viewers a group name (Lady Gaga's "Little Monsters" is an example). Talk to the individual viewer.
  • Make the video for yourself first. If you're not having fun and enjoying the process, it will come through the camera to your viewers.
Check out Charlie's YouTube rules below.

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Anonymous said...

Philip Defranco breaks the first two rules you listed and is much more popular.

Anonymous said...

From the above, charlie is the top in the UK i think still. And doesn't rely on pop content. Be true to oneself, love what you do. Other wise your not living and practically dead. After meeting and kinda know his mum, i can see how he is sucessful. Be completely free Ie no judgements :)

Nathan Wills


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