Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sony Enters Music Subscription

Make way for another entry into music subscription. On Thursday Sony launched its new service called Music Unlimited Powered By Qriocity in the United States, offering 6 million on-demand songs available to their 60 million Sony PlayStation gamers who play video games online. The service is also available to their Brevia HDTV and Blue-Ray disc player owners.

For $3.99 a month Qriocity provides subscribers with a Pandora-like service which lets them select the music genre or artist. For $9.99 a month, users can choose any song they want to listen to.

The difference with Qriocity from other subscription services is that they're focusing more on the living room than the mobile, thanks to the connection to the PlayStation.

It's hard to tell what the selection is like on Qriocity, but all of the hits seem to be there. Check it out for yourself here.

While it doesn't seem to be in Sony's corporate DNA to pull something like this off, so the next few months should be interesting to see what the subscription rate will be.

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