Monday, February 14, 2011

Are Teens On Twitter And Facebook?

image from www.comscoredatamine.comIt's long been thought that Facebook and Twitter were social networks that teens aren't particularly high on, and some new data clearly confirms that fact. According to Comscore, Facebook saw their age 18 and younger visitors recently increase by a mere 1.2% (up to 11% of users), but Twitter saw an erosion of a whopping 8% (down to 9.5% of users) in that same demographic.

What does this mean? Although you can reach some of the 18 and younger set on Facebook or Twitter, don't count on it for major marketing outreach. Most teens still stay social via text message, according to Pew Research. That means you have to earn their buzz the old fashioned way - through word of mouth (or word of text, as it were).

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cmackg said...

Think about how many parents don't allow their teens to use FB/Twitter (ar at least their kids younger than 16. This, then sort of fits with the data.

Stone Vista Media said...

My teens tumble like there is no tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

this is a poor analysis. First of all, persons under the age of 13 aren't even allowed on Facebook. so you are comparing data for a 5 year age range vs. 20 year age ranges. Also... just because 9.5% of people on twitter are under 18.. that doesnt mean there are fewer kids on twitter... that just means that kids were on it first... and now older people are finally catching up... so kids just represent a smaller chunk.

Brad said...

It has been my observation by the teens I come in contact with (through my band or guitar lessons) that none of them buy their music. They're still doing the piracy thing and getting any and all songs through illegal downloads. The people that "I" see buying records are people with jobs.

When I was a kid I spent my entire allowance of 5 bucks a week (for mowing the lawn)on 45's and LP's.

I don't see kids in "my" circle buying any music.


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