Sunday, February 20, 2011

Understanding The Like Button

There's a great article over at Music Think Tank by Robin Davey about how to successfully grow your fan base using Facebook. One of the parts that I really liked is about how to react when one of your posts is "liked." Take a look.

"UNDERSTAND THE LIKEWhen a post of yours is liked, it is important to take a step back from that. Don’t think too highly of yourself for saying something that enticed a click on the “Like” button. Instead, understand that they have clicked that button because, in some way, they feel your post defines them. They are endorsing you, putting their name to your comments. If you get an above average number of likes, it’s not just because you said something clever, it’s because your fans are responding to something they want to associate with. Look for patterns in this and hone in on them.
Was it something funny, meaningful, or controversial?
This is important because you want to get fans coming back to your page. You can reel them in with something that interests them, and when they are there, they will want to look deeper. Maybe even download an MP3, or go one further and purchase something.
For instance, if you were outraged by the Prop 8 result, or thought an SNL skit was funny, you can bet that a portion of your fan base does too. If you are passionate about something, people will relate and interact."

There's a lot more great advice in the article How To Successfully Grow Your Fan Base Using Facebook (And Not Spend A Dime). It's worth checking out.

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