Sunday, October 31, 2010

Taylor Swift's New Sales Strategy

Taylor Swift is using an interesting sales strategy for her new album, "Speak Now." You can download all 14 songs from Amazon for only $3.99, while the CD is available for the now standard $9.99.

Then if you head on over to iTunes, the download price is $13.99 for all the entire album, or $1.29 per track. It will be very interesting to see the breakout of which distributor actually sells more product.

That being said, it's probably not so much about the pricing strategy as it is about Swift's popularity, since the album is expected to sell more than 1 million units it's first week out. That would be a record for a country album, and a most rare sales occurrence these days.

Despite all the gloom and doom around the music industry, this performance proves that there's still an audience willing to purchase music if it's a product they like.

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1 comment:

Underground Music and Art said...

The cd version should be $3.99 to promote physical sales instead of downloads.


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