Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dead Drops - File Sharing Without P2P

image from it still seems pretty safe for people to illegally share files regardless of the many lawsuits by the RIAA, an artist in New York City has discovered a way to continue the practice of file sharing even if all online pirating could be shut down tomorrow.

Aram Bartholl has started a project called Dead Drops that utilize the same methods that spies use to share their info - by embedding USB sticks in walls and curbs across the city. Essentially what you have is a good old fashioned sneaker-net system that would be impossible for anyone to shut down in the event that all online piracy was neutralized.

There's not much chance that will ever happen, but it just goes to show how simplicity and the real world can sometimes top the virtual one.

I don't know if Dead Drops was inspired by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, but it sure sounds a lot like something he's done in the past. Trent has been known to leave unmarked USB sticks in the bathrooms at concerts with either new material, or directions to a secret show. It was a great viral maneuver that also bypassed a widespread technology for a more physical localized one.

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