Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Will Apple Reinvent Concert Ticketing?

As if being a leader in the computer, mobil and music businesses weren't enough, Apple is working on a new technology in hopes of revolutionizing the concert ticket business.

Apple's new iTunes Concert + utilizes the iPhone for buy tickets to concerts, amusement parks, museums, baseball games, and even assist with wedding invitations.

Once at the event, the Concert + ticket will also make additional purchases for parking, swag, and refreshments with the same account possible.

The concert business is in need of an overhaul, with 3rd party ticket brokers and even the bands and promoters holding back the most prized seats that will then command several times their face value in the aftermarket. Concert goers have long been fed up with additional service charges that can add as much as 50% extra to the ticket price as well, and are eager for any system that limits these charges. With Apple's system, the ticket will be personalized to the buyer, making it difficult to transfer to another individual, which keeps secondary ticket brokers out of the market. No word yet what would happen with service charges like those charged by Ticketmaster, but it's thought that they would be limited.

Right now there's no timetable for iTunes Concert + introduction, but it can't get here soon enough. The system we have now favors everyone but the one who matters most - the fan.

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