Sunday, April 18, 2010

6 Tips On How To Grow Your Online Audience

Here are some great tips from Bill Flitter from a recent Mashable post about growing your online audience. Although his post wasn't entirely on that subject, I thought that the following part of the post was especially poignant.

6 tips on how to grow your online audience (my comments are in italics):
  • 1) Use Hashtags: If you are posting to Twitter, add a hashtag to improve your SEO value. We've discussed this in a few recent posts. Check out this post about hashtags if you're not familiar with the concept.
  • 2) Use Strong Headlines: Spend extra time writing great headlines. Pack them full of topical words that search engines will find (but don’t overdo it). But make sure that your keyword phrases are still relevant to your post, which is the hard part.
  • 3) Recycle: With the amount of content flowing in the stream, something is bound to go unnoticed. Send out your most popular content again. Add a label to it, like “Most Popular Today…” It may attract someone new. It's best not to send too many posts or tweets, but this does work.
  • 4) Use Paid Distribution: If your budget permits, take your most popular content and syndicate it outside your personal networks through paid promotion. We'll spend more time on this topic in an upcoming post.
  • 5) Use Widgets: Widgets are an easy way to display popular content across different sites and remind your audience which social networks you participate in. We'll spend more time on this topic in an upcoming post.
  • 6) Use E-mail: Don’t forget about e-mail. Some people still prefer to get messages that way. Once again, this is a topic we've discussed many times before. Email should be your #1 way of reaching out and touching your fans. Here are several posts about email to check out: 4 Reasons Why Your Email List Is Still Important, Email Service Providers And Why They're Necessary, and 5 Tips For Building Your Email List.

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