Thursday, October 15, 2015

Aurous: The Streaming Service The Music Industry Fears

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The music industry hated Grooveshark because it never paid for the music it streamed, and it was finally able to shut it down earlier in the year. Now a new service called Aurous has appeared, immediately drawing the wrath of the RIAA in the form of a lawsuit.

Grooveshark worked as a shell on top of Google, which basically searched the web to find the songs (most of them illegally uploaded) you wanted to hear. Aurous works the same way, but instead uses the Torrents to find illegally uploaded song files. It's similar to Popcorn Time, which does the same thing for movies and television shows and currently has those industries scrambling.

Aurous has in interface that's very similar to Spotify, and features ad-free streaming, which also means that the copyright holder, the artists and songwriters aren't getting paid. The service debuted an alpha version last week.

The music industry was quick to react, showing just how much the site is feared.

On Monday, the RIAA on behalf of UMG, Sony Music, Warner Music, Atlantic and Capitol Records, filed a lawsuit against Aurous and its creator Andrew Sampson for "willful and egregious copyright infringement."

The problem is that Aurous operates as a decentralized BitTorrent search engine, and the company can argue that it's not hosting any illegal content.

This will be an interesting legal battle that's only just beginning.

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Rand said...

To all the hypocrites out there who say they 'love ...'s music', then why don't you do the right thing and pay for it?

If any skilled tradesman comes into your home and repairs something you needed done, do you expect them to do it for free?

A recording/performing artist has devoted his/her lifetime to developing their skills, then overcoming massive amounts of rejection and struggle to finally achieve even a small amount of success. How do you think they earn a living, you fking ignorant self-entitled spoiled ingrates?

You have no problem paying up to $5 for a cup of coffee, but you bitch about paying less than that for someone's hard earned craft and product that's already shamefully devalued enough as it is.

Respect and appreciation are words that definitely aren't in your vocabulary are they? There's no honor in stealing from people you say you love.


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