Monday, March 9, 2015

Your Facebook Like Count Could Drop Soon

Facebook Likes image
One thing that you can always count on from social networks and search engines is that they'll tweak their algorithm frequently, and when that happens it can wreak havoc on your follower count or ranking.

Facebook just announced that it recalibrated its algorithm and starting this week, expect your Like count to drop.

The network is calling this a "scrubbing" as it attempts to weed out any deactivated accounts as well as "memorialized" accounts that belong to deceased users that are maintained by friends or family after the user's death.

Not only is it possible that your Like count will decrease, but the comments related to these accounts may get scrubbed too.

For many artists, bands and record labels, Likes are a measure of online success and a growing Like count means a growing audience. The problem is that the count can be deceiving if  you can't reach those fans because they're no longer on the service.

Facebook's scrubbing might make your Like and comment count look different, but it's a better measure of the audience that you have that still exists on the network.

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