Wednesday, March 4, 2015

U2's iTunes Stunt Actually Worked

U2 Songs of Innocence image
After all the hubbub over the iTunes/U2 album giveaway at the end of last summer has died down, it looks like the promotion actually worked after all.

Research company Kantar found that 24% of all iOS music listeners in the US listened to the band's Songs of Innocence album within 5 months of its release.

In fact, Kantor found that even as recently as January, more than twice the number of people listened to U2 than the current hottest artist on the planet, Taylor Swift.

T he study found that nearly every iOS owner who listened to U2 in that time period listened to at least one song from Songs of Innocence.

A lot of skeptics have since blasted the study as being biased towards English speakers or towards U2, but the fact remains that at the end of the day the giveaway did its job to get the album in front of a very large audience, and much of that audience actually listened. That's all an artist can ask from any promotion.

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Nuwri456 said...

The "Silver Conductor" here. For a Superstar group with a well established audience,of course this works.As for indie artists, "Good Luck" that's not to be Negative,it's just being real and Honest.FREE is "KILLING" the industry.Fans and music buyers are expecting it now.Take a poll on how many 9 to 5 workers would work for Free at their places of employment if they are so lucky to be employed.MusicLuv,The SC.

Anonymous said...

Sure, they got in front of a large audience. But so did Kim Kardashian. "Somgs of Innocence" may have been a decent album (didn't hear it myself), but unfortunately it arrived with the smell of desperation. Marcello.


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