Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Google Begins The Breakup Of Google+

Google+ Hangouts logo image
There were a lot of big hopes for Google+ as a rival to Facebook when it was launched in 2011, but the social network has never quite lived up to the hype surrounding it.

Even though it boasts 540 million  active users, the adoption rate has leveled off, especially during the last year.

Now it looks like Google is taking the first step in splitting some of the most well-liked features of Google+ off, as the company announced that the Photos feature will become a standalone app and the rest of G+ will go on as Streams, although the Google+ name will remain (at least for now).

Since it's only just been announced, there's no additional information about what might happen to you existing photos on G+.

There's no word on what might happen with Google Hangouts yet, but it's expected that the feature will also find a new home as well.

Hangouts may be the most popular part of G+, especially for artists and bands, but the problem is that since not all of your fanbase is on the network, it limits your reach.

If Google were to split Hangouts off into a separate app, it would be a far more useful tool to artists, bands and musicians, as well as businesses that now rely on Skype.

Here's hoping that Google figures this one out sooner rather than later and has Hangouts follow Photos off on its own.

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John Brock said...

Google is a Shadow of what it could have been. Yahoo is catching up fast. This happens when American creativity starts to work. When you rely on other cultures that grow up with other concepts on their education (no traffic lights for example, organized anarchy) to build a email app or a social media app...
Outlook has an straight forward western email and Yahoo is just getting me more interested with their approach design vs. Functionality


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