Monday, March 23, 2015

AM/FM Still The Favorite Car Entertainment

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Despite the inroads made by various streaming services, AM/FM radio still has the hearts of more than 90% of drivers in America, according to research company IPSOS.

In fact, most drivers say that they still like the traditional buttons and controls on a car radio as opposed to the virtual controls on the car's electronic interface.

According to the study, AM/FM radio still dominates as the top listening platform, with 84% of consumers using it, followed by 64% using the CD player, Sirius/XM at 22%, Pandora at 18%, iHeartradio at 8%, HD Radio at 7% and Spotify at 7%.

What's more, drivers used their CD players 3 1/2 times more than digital radio services.

If you think that this looks like digital or internet streaming is not taking hold in the car, it may be a case of the data leading you to a faulty conclusion.

For one thing, the people most comfortable with digital technology and streaming music, those of driving age between 16 and 24, aren't as car-centric as the generations before them. Many don't see the need to have a license, let alone a own a car.

This will eventually change as they marry and start families, at which point we'll see a big boost in auto digital services.

Also, the fact that digital services aren't integrated into the vast majority of cars on the road yet has a bearing on the results as well.

I bet if this survey is revisited in 3 to 5 years the results will be dramatically different.

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