Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Look At The American Listening Audience

The Infinite Dial
Edison Research and Triton Digital recently released their annual Infinite Dial survey on American media consumption.

As usual uncovered some very interesting data about the audience that hopefully listens to your music. Here are 7 takeaways.
1. 71% of all Americans now have a cell phone, up 10 points from last year. More and more, people consume their media on this platform. 
2. Embattled Pandora is still the leader in music streaming with 54% of online radio listeners. The runners-up are pretty distant, with iHeartRadio at 11%, Spotify at 10% and iTunes Radio at 8%. 
3. Facebook is the most used social network at 65% of those who regularly use social media. 
4. Facebook is even big in the age group that's seeing the most attrition - ages 12 to 24. 43% in that group still use Facebook, handily beating Instagram at 18%, Snapchat at 15%, and Twitter at 8%. 
5. 63% of Americans use YouTube to watch music videos and listen to music. 
6. That number increases to a whopping 90% ages 12 to 24 years old. 
7. 44% of all Americans listen to music online in some form every week.
Media consumption has changed drastically in the last 5 years and continues to change right before our very eyes. One of the keys to your online promotion strategy is knowing your audience, and the above data helps to understand just who the audience for your music is and how they like to consume it.

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