Monday, August 18, 2014

Using A Single URL for Multiple Landing Pages

As an artist begins to have more widespread success, it's typical to have different landing pages and merch stores for different countries. What can become awkward is that it might not always be easy for someone to find the appropriate country-dedicated URL from your main "" address.

One way around this is to use a service that will is geo-aware enough to serve up multiple landing pages from your main URL and one of the best is

Smarturl is very versatile, allowing you to assign multiple country landing pages from a single URL, as well as shortcode aliases and real time stats. It does much more though, as you can also use a single URL to access your multiple country-oriented iTunes links and send to multiple devices, and you can also point towards multiple streaming providers.

Smarturl is free, but it does have a premium tier which allows iTunes affiliate tracking and conversion tracking. image

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Scott Young said...

Thanks you for bringing this topic into the the light Bobby. Many people still aren’t aware of the significant need for geo-aware services in online commerce. Another service that you may be interested at looking into is GeoRiot. As a disclaimer, I actually work for this company, but bring this up because GeoRiot supports both iTunes and Amazon, and automatically builds affiliated links that work internationally. We also allow for deeper targeting across not only countries, but also devices, operating systems, and dates/times.


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