Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Who Are The Most Covered Artists?

One of the goals of a songwriter is to write a song that is covered by many artists. This is the ultimate stamp of approval, in that the song is considered so good that singers want to sing it, and artists feel compelled to record their own versions. did a study to determine the most covered artists of all time. Not surprisingly, The Beatles lead by a wide margin, with Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, and other musical icons in the mix.

When it comes to the most covered songs, The Beatles have no less than 6 out of the top 20, and are the only artists to appear on the chart more than once, a fitting tribute to their writing abilities.

While the artist covers chart seemed about right, the song cover chart has a few entries that are head scratchers, but still is very interesting.


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Anonymous said...

According to Wikipedia, "White Christmas", written by Irving Berlin, has been recorded over 500 times.

Anonymous said...

I call BS on this. Dylan not even covered 600 times according to this chart? I have more covers of Dylan songs than that in my own collection. I love The Beatles, but I don't see the need to put them at the top of every list.

Anonymous said...

Leonard Cohen has over 3000 covers
Hallelujah alone, has over 300 cover versions


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