Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You're On Spotify, But Will You Be Played?

Forgotify logo image
One of the problems with getting your music placed on any of the streaming services is that it doesn't guarantee that anyone will care enough to listen to them. In fact, that's one of the complaints about streaming services in general for an artist.

From a listener's point of view, it's just the opposite. There may be millions of songs available, but most of them amount to musical spam, with an abundance of alternate, cover and karaoke versions instead of the real hits that we're looking for.

Of course, even if your songs are the "official" versions and no one is interested in hearing them, that doesn't do you much good. In fact, according to a site called Forgotify, Spotify alone has over 4 million songs that have never been played, not even once!

Forgotify wants to change that though, as it specifically targets those under-appreciated songs for listening, and excludes the rest. The cool thing is that it's a way to get some plays that might not have happened otherwise, and maybe have your music discovered in the process. Visit Forgotify and have a listen to some tunes that nearly no one has heard before (the picks are random).

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