Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Scalper Bots Get Banned

Ticket Scalper image
If you ever had the experience of being one of the first in line or online for concert tickets only to find that all the best tickets where already sold, then you've experienced what happens when ticket scalpers unleash their bots. These auto-ticket buyers electronically scoop up the best seats in the blink of an eye the second they go on sale, preventing real live people from ever having a chance at a great ticket.

The beginning of the end to that practice may be here, however, as Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that bans the bots in California, beginning January 1st, 2014. This is a welcome development for consumer rights, since currently they're forced to pay far higher prices for those same tickets from that scalper who skirted traditional buying electronically.

For better or worse, California is in the forefront of so many things; let's hope that this catches on in the rest of the country as well.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, California! Once again showing why we're the greatest state in the union. Thanks for the article, Bobby!


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