Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Implications Of iTunes Radio That Everyone's Missed

iTunes Radio introduction image
At long last Apple has launched iTunes Radio and so far the reviews are pretty positive. It’s extremely easy to use and provides enough features that many potential users will not even think about venturing outside the iTunes ecosystem for another service. in fact, a study in June by the GroupM Next determined that 34% of Internet radio users would switch from their current service on Apple’s brand name alone.

Do you think services like Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Slacker are worried? They should be, as a closer look at the study found that 46.4% of Pandora users, 47% of Spotify users, 46.1% of iHeart Radio users and 53.8% of Slacker users would leave their services for iTunes Radio when it became available.

But lets say that this study is seriously flawed and the attrition numbers aren’t anywhere near what was stated. The other services are still in for a world of hurt for the following reasons that seem to have been overlooked. Read more on Forbes.

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