Monday, September 23, 2013

iTunes Radio Looking For Heat Seekers

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As you know, iTunes Radio has launched and it's gotten pretty good reviews so far. It's very easy to use and easily accessible to any iTunes user, of which there are 545 million (although it's only available in the US for now). Users are able to create and personalize their own stations based on their particular tastes, although it comes with pre-set and featured stations as well.

If you've ever watched iPod or iPhone ads, you've noticed that the music is always cutting edge and ahead of the curve. I don't know who chooses it, but it's always great. Now comes reports that Apple wants to continue this trend by contacting all the major labels and asking for their "heat seekers" list, which is the list of artists or bands on the verge of breaking. Of course, this is designed to keep the service out in front of whatever trend that is currently happening in music.

Curation is the buzzword when it comes to music services these days, and Apple is also playing that game, as it's also in the process of hiring a number of music celebs from various musical genres to program genre specific channels. The service already employs a number of curators to keep the splash page new and relevant as well, but once again, this move is designed to keep them ahead of the curve.

One things for sure, if iTunes Radio didn't meet your expectations upon launch, it's going to get better, as Apple seems to be striving to improve the service in multiple ways.

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