Thursday, August 1, 2013

Facebook's New Embedded Posts Feature

Facebook embed function imageIn an effort to keep up with Twitter, Facebook has introduced a feature that not only allows its content to be more accessible outside it's network. This allows anyone to embed public FB updates like photos, videos, hashtags, or posts from other people or pages on their own websites.

It's also possible for viewers of this embedded content to like or share it, as well as like or follow the person who originally posted or authored the content.

The new embed feature unfortunately isn't available to everyone yet, as only a hand full of news outlets (CNN, Huffington Post, People Magazine among others) have access to it.

When it's available, the embed feature will be part of the drop-down menu on the right (see the graphic on the left). When selected, it will generate the html code needed to embed on a site or blog.

You have to hand it to Facebook, they really do keep on trying to improve, and that's being reflected in their stock price, which briefly topped their offering price yesterday. Embedding has been a missing piece for Facebook, which was fairly irrelevant when it came to breaking news. This will only strengthen the network going forward.

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