Sunday, July 28, 2013

5 Social Media Myths Busted

There's a lot of myths when it comes to social media, and most continue to be retold as truths. Let's bust 5 of the bigger ones. I've personally busted these with my own testing, but there's a lot of research to back them up as well.

Myth 1: Get as many friends/followers as you can. What good is it if you have 30,000 Twitter followers and only 30 care about what you're posting? The quality of these friends and followers is more important than the quantity.

Myth 2: The more you post, the better. Study after study has found that the less you post, the more effective it is. Once again, it's the quality of the post that counts, not the quantity.

Myth 3: You should focus on social media and forget about your website. If fact, your website should be the center of your online universe and all of your social media sites should point to it.

Myth 4: Broadcast any activity on one site to all your social sites. In other words, if you post a video on YouTube, you have the ability to automatically post that fact on your social sites as well. Yes, that's potentially a good strategy, but it's a better if you customize the post to each one. People tend to ignore mass posts.

Myth 5: Social media is all about your personality. Yes, personality has something to do with social success. People like dealing with other humans, but too much personality can also be a train wreck, as evidenced by celebrities and athletes everywhere who continue to put their foot in their mouths. When it comes to using social media to promote your brand, a mix of professional news along with personality works best.

Remember that using social media for marketing and promotion is a different animal from using it personally.

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