Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5 Tips For Connecting With Music Supervisors

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One of the biggest income streams open today to artists, bands, musicians and songwriters is getting your song placed in a movie or on television. The good thing is that there's a constant need for new material in our 200 channel cable universe. The bad news is that there's a lot of competition, since everyone else is aware of this avenue as well.

Here are some suggestions from music supervisors in how to get your music in front of them.

1. Take advantage of YouTube, Soundcloud and music blogs. They're the go-to way supervisors find new music these days.

2. Have a great song, but have a great story too. A story lets you rise above the competition.

3. Be specific in your pitch. Find out exactly what kind of music each show is looking for. It wastes everyone's time to send alt rock songs to a show that's looking for electronic pop, or vice versa.

4. Use IMDBPro to figure out what producers and supervisors are working on.

5. Be persistent, but don't cross the line. Be friendly and to the point, but don't be a stalker. Also don't take it personally if no one gets back to you initially, so don't stop submitting either.

Music supervisors are your key to television placement, but it takes time to cultivate those contacts. Be patient, because if you've got what they need, the doors will open.

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