Saturday, July 20, 2013

Diddy Attempts To Revive MTV Model In A World That's Moved Past It

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Rapper/entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs is set to launch a new cable music channel in December called Revolt TV, which will be available on both the Comcast and Time-Warner networks. According to various interviews, Diddy’s vision for Revolt is that it look more like MTV used to (playing music videos and being music-centric) rather than what it’s now become (a lifestyle channel based around reality programs). Indeed there may be a hole in the market for it, since Fuse now seems to be the only music network dedicated to current music. Still, some might wonder if a network based on early MTV can be successful in our current Music 3.0 world.
Many within the industry would like the answer to be yes, since the music business rose to its greatest financial peak during the years that MTV played videos and had programs built around them. Read the entire article on Forbes.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting...I remember discovering Tenacious D, Coldplay, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (among others) via MTV. Actually, I think it was MTV2 at that point - the "new channel that only played music videos." That didn't last too long! I hope the new channel works out, but, like Bobby said, it probably won't. Youtube is probably the MTV of today.


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