Monday, July 15, 2013

Consumers More Willing To Pay For Streaming

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Streaming music is coming to the forefront of music delivery more and more, and much of that can be attributed to the hype of new services like Apple's iRadio, Google Play and even Beats project "Daisy," but also because subscriptions to both Spotify and Pandora keep rising. The good news for these services is that people in some countries are now more willing to pay for streaming services than they were before.

A new survey sponsored by WiMP found that the percentage of willing payers has risen to 48% from 33% in Norway, 30% from 14% in Denmark, and 28% from 25% in Germany.

On the surface that sounds great for streaming, except for the fact that in Sweden (which has had paid streaming the longest, and streaming accounts for 90% of recorded music revenue), that number has decreased from 36% to 33%.

The Swedish data makes you wonder why it's going in the opposite direction. Are they unhappy with the services they have? Will the trend change with the introduction of new and potentially better services? Is there an issue with the amount being charged?

None of these questions were addressed by the survey, so unfortunately only part of the streaming picture is being painted.

That said, music streaming is now a boulder rolling down a hill that's picking up speed, and music is going to change substantially because of it in the future.

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