Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just What The World Needs: An EDM Award Show

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As if we don't have enough awards shows already, electronic dance music will soon be getting one of their own. The yet unnamed awards show will be produced by festival promotoer Insomniac and Dick Clark Productions and will be held in Las Vegas during Electric Daisy Carnival week next summer.

The show is apparently a backlash to the Grammy's nominating little known DJ Al Walser last year in the "Best Dance Single" category. Walser managed to game the system with a social media and email campaign directed at Grammy voters, and it worked, despite the fact that no one had heard of him before. It also revealed the lack of sophistication in EDM by the Grammy voters, which helped bring about the EDM industry's own set of awards.

This is a natural for Dick Clark Production, already a veteran of awards shows producing the Golden Globes and American Music Awards, but it also begs the question "Do we need another awards show?", especially one on television. These shows are already plenty boring, thanks to lots of lip synching, canned music, and productions designed to upstage the thing the shows are celebrating - the music. I can't image it can be much better with live or canned performances by DJs, who tend to come off even worse than musical artists on television.

This is another sign that EDM is going mainstream, of course, which is good for making money but bad for the creativity. The clock is now officially ticking until the world moves on to the next trend.

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