Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guest List Do's And Don'ts

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The guest list is something that every gigging musician faces, regardless of how big or small the gig is if there's a door charge. Not many of us think much about it, but there's a definite etiquette involved, and a post I spotted on seemed to cover it pretty well. You can read their entire post, but I've paraphrased my version here.

Guest List Dos:
1. Find out how many guest list spaces are available as far before the gig as you can so there's no last minute confusion.

2. Make sure that VIPs that can help your career, like agents, managers and label execs, make it on the list before friends and family.

3. Be upfront with people about the likelihood of getting on the list. Some people get seriously offended if they come to the show and find they're not included.

4. Consider other options like discounted tickets before placing someone on the guest list, especially when the list is limited.

5. Make sure that one person and one person only in the band is responsible for the list to help keep everything straight.

Guest List Don'ts:
1. Don't push a promoter for extra guest list spaces, especially if you're a support band.

2. Don't feel like you have to give everyone on the list a plus one. You'll eat up spaces that you can use for someone more important rather than someone you don't know.

3. You don't owe someone a backstage pass just because they're on the guest list. They're two different animals.

4. Don't have a guest list for a charity show. It's bad form, and you have the perfect out in that the show is raising money for a good cause.

5. Don't trade guest list spots with other bands. It takes up too much energy trying to remember who's owed what later.

This is a good place to start. Anybody have any additions?

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1 comment:

Brad Hoshaw said...

Good article. A definite Guest List Don't: Don't forget to put someone on the list, if you promised them a spot. Friends and family might forgive you, but it is really bad if it's a possible agent, manager or label exec that is left at the door looking like a liar.


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