Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Search For Music By Your Mood

iHeartRadio logo image from Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blog
Here's one that had to come about sooner or later. Clear Channel's iHearRadio Internet radio platform recently announced a feature that allows users to choose their listening options based upon their mood or current activity.

The new feature is called "Perfect For" and allows the user to browse through "hundreds of carefully curated stations" after they browse through a menue of possible moods and activities for the day and time. iHeartRadio has a catalog of over 1,500 stations from across the country, but they're adding "thousands of new stations," so it seems pretty likely that one of them should be playing something to match your current mood.

The feature is available on their iPhone and PC app, but will soon roll out to other mobile and tablet devices soon, according to Clear Channel.

I'm usually pretty suspicious of anything that Clear Channel does since it was one of the prime movers behind today's homogenized radio, but mood listening does seem to be a leap forward. That said, sometimes you want just the opposite of your mood. For instance, if you're depressed, music that reflects that mood may just sink you lower into depression, while something more uplifting might have a better chance of pulling you out of it.

Regardless, sentiment programming just might be a next step into the future of online radio.


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