Thursday, November 15, 2012

Using The New YouTube Branding Features

As I stated in a post last week regarding what's new with YouTube, the service continues to roll out new features, sometimes without promoting them. One of the those unpromoted new features is a new way to brand your channel and videos. To access this feature:

1. Go to your YouTube channel and access Settings.

2. Under Channel Settings on the left menu, click on "InVideo Programming."

3. This will now provide two options; "Feature your channel" and "Feature a video." "Feature a channel" allows you to upload an icon that will then be attached to all your videos. "Feature a video" allows you to feature a video across all your other videos, which allows you to push a new movie across your entire catalog of videos.

Pretty cool, right? Slowly but surely YouTube is listening to all the complaints and suggestions and implementing them as new features. They're not always publicized, so it pays to poke around in the various menus once in a while to see what's been updated.
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