Monday, November 12, 2012

Bloomy's Introduces The Jimi Hendrix Clothing Line

Jimi Hendrix In London image from Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blog
I'm all for artist branding but there are some things that just feel wrong. Take, for instance, the announcement that a Jimi Hendrix clothing line is set to hit the shelves any day at Bloomingdales. This just seems like outright exploitation in so many ways.

The word is that the clothing line is designed by Lyric Culture, and will include graphic screen print t-shirts, scarves, dress shirts, hoodies and cuff links featuring Jimi's words, music and handwriting.

This feels like it's about 20 years too late to begin with, but it so reeks of cashing-in that Jimi must be rolling in his grave. Admittedly the guy had great style and a flare for the unusually hip when it came to clothes (his music goes without saying), but it feels as much of a money grab by his estate as does Bob Marley energy drinks.

It's a shame that family members can't just celebrate the music of their celebrity artists after they've passed, and instead begin to concentrate on the green. Let's hope that the clothes at least outline Jimi's fashion sense, because at least that would be a small win for ethics.

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