Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Music Sales Needed For Minium Wage

A few years ago there was an interesting infographic that floated around the Internet regarding the number of sales of various music products in order for an artist to make the US minimum wage of  $1,160 per month. Based on an analysis of attorney Steve Gordon, the chart has been updated for 2012, and the good news is that there's more potential income streams than ever. The bad news is that the magic number isn't any easier to attain if you're in DIY mode.

Take a look.

If you take notice, you need a large number of streams on Spotify to make money as an indie, but it's almost impossible if you're on a major label, since they take most of the income. That sounds pretty bad, but the reality is that if you're getting a huge number of plays and you're on a major, then you're probably touring and making money that way. As is the premise of the Music 3.0 strategy, your music is your marketing.

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