Monday, April 9, 2012

Timing Email And Blog Posts

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I've posted a lot on the timing of Twitter and Facebook posts, but here's a list of timing considerations for both email newsletters and blog posts, courtesy of Dan Zarella, the guru of social media timing.

Sending Emails:
  • Open rates are higher on the weekends since subscribers have more time to pay attention.
  • Most opens occur between 5 and 7AM.
  • Clickthrough rates are highest on the weekends.
  • Unsubscribes tend to happen within the first few emails after someone subscribes.
  • Sending emails directly after a person subscribes is very effective, since they're paying close attention.

Blog Posting:
  • Most blog reading occurs in the morning, declines in the afternoon, and revives at night.
  • The most page views are on Monday, and dip slightly on the weekend.
  • Blog posts published at 10 to 11AM tend to get the most views.
  • The highest level of blog comments comes in the morning around 7 to 8AM, and on the weekends.
  • Posts on Mondays and Thursdays get the most links. Posts on Friday through sunday get the least.
  • Blogs posted early around 6 or 7AM get the most links.
  • Blogs that post more than once a day get more views and links.
Remember that these are trends and might not apply to your particular audience. The best way to proceed is to use these timings as a starting point, then experiment to see if another time works better. It's easy enough to schedule blog posts or emails to do so, just make sure that you have enough of a sample size before you make any ironclad decisions on exactly what's working.

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