Sunday, February 12, 2012

What's A Grammy Win Worth?

Grammy Award image from Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blog
While many discount the relevance of the Grammy awards, there's no doubt that a win is still a career accelerant. Not only do album sales usually get a bump, there are some other hidden benefits that go along with a Grammy award win as well.

According to an article in Forbes magazine recently, producer fees for a Grammy winner can jump as much as 100 to 150%, which is also frequently the case with songwriter advances as well. In fact, the so-called "Grammy bounce" averages about 55% in the year following a Grammy win.

Even though sales jump a bit, it's on that road that most artists make out. Ub tge tear after grabbing Grammy #1, Bruno Mars average nightly gross went from $130k to $202k (+55%), Esperanza Spalding swung from $20k to $32k (+60%), and superstar Taylor Swift from $125k to $600, (+380%), which eventually rose to $1.1 million the following year.

Banner, who made his name as a hip-hop artist, found that he was better able to find work outside the rap world after his win, and has since gotten lucrative gigs scoring music for movies and commercials.

"When I score, I'm a Grammy Award-winning producer," he explains. "They don't say that I'm a Grammy Award winner for rap. A Grammy is a Grammy."

Which is why that, despite the many failings of the Grammy show and organization, winning a Grammy is still a goal worth having for any musician.

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